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This extraordinary group of artists has collaborated with the main performers of the Italian and international music.
With the concert "Serenata Napoletana" they offer a sophisticated "excursus" of Neapolitan song which is perfect as far as the philologically point of view.

The program is well- structured, the performances reaches the highest level.
It deals with classical music, ethnic tradition and famous songs marking out an historical itinerary that begins in the Seventeenth century and reaches up the half of the twentieth century through different kinds of Neapolitan music philologically perfect.

The performance is impeccable strictly linked to the tradition.

It is refined through a deep study on texts, sounds, instruments used in concert (mandolin, guitar, percussion, folk etc..) and on techniques.
The result is very deep: lost suggestions, rhythm, sound full of spell melted with a precious and very elegant performance. The dramatization that the group performs during the show becomes a poetic evocation of a feeling which is contemporary to each song.
As far as the vocal, it is adamant, hard-hitting, persuasive, but it always respects the technical and stylistic evolution of the songs in the different historical period.
The culture is vivid andthe history expresses eternity to the soul.